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  3. Literature
  4. Software
  5. Course Objectives
  6. Examination/grades
  7. Week by Week/Course Plan


  1. Lecturer: Maarten Marx, http://maartenmarx.nl
  2. Assistant(s):
  3. For times, see Datanose


All literature is freely legally available on the web.


Each lecture will be accompanied by lecture notes and/or slides.
These notes are typically IPython Notebooks or MarkDown files. You can view notebooks and slides using http://nbviewer.ipython.org, but if you want to run them you should download them and run them on your own machine. Lecture notes contain pointers to the literature and form the basic requirements of what you are supposed to know. They are excellent material for helping you master the course and know what you should study for the exam.

Jupyter notebook Software

We strongly advice you to install the Anaconda Python Distribution.
We work with Python 3. This distribution contains almost all the necessary modules and packages needed in your study. It is available for all platforms and provides a simple installation procedure. More detailed installation instructions can be found here: http://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/install.html


An important aim of the course is to get acquainted with off-the-shelf software with which you can create an IR system. We will look at 2 or 3 major and industrial strength solutions.

Course Objectives

See Course description in Course Catalogue (Studiegids)


A schedule of all assignments and exams and their weights can be found in the CoursePlan.
Exams can be held in multiple formats, depending on availability of rooms and technical services. We prefer digital exams with Jupyter notebooks, i.e., exams which have the same formatas the assignments and in which you have the full power of the Jupyter Notebook to your disposal to program the answers. If this is not possible, you get the same questions you were asked digitally, but then on paper.

At both exams you can use the MRS book. A PDF file is available on the exam computers.

Aanwezigheidsplicht Er is geen aanwezigheidsplicht.


You pass the course if your mean grade for the two exams is at least 5.5 and the mean weighted grade of your assignments is at least 5.5.
For the exams there is a resit. Not for the assignments.