Course Plan Kennissystemen (deel 2)


What you need to know for the exams

Assignments and exams

Week Perc. Description Note
5 10 1) Wordnet/NLTK. 2) DBpedia Spotlight
6 10 XML en Wikipedia Categories
7 10 Information extraction and Hearst Patterns
8 20 individual exam

How and when to hand in the assignments

Form of the exams

Exams can be held in multiple formats, depending on availability of rooms and technical services. We prefer digital exams, i.e., exams in which the answers are typed in a computer terminal. If this is not possible, you get the same questions you were asked digitally, but then on paper.

It may happen that due to logistic or other reasons, some persons make the exam on paper and others on a computer terminal.

It may also happen that the resit is in a diferent form than (one of) the partial exams.

It may also happen that not both partial exams can be taken in the same form.

In any case, even if the form in which the exam is taken may be different, the questions and the answers to be given are exactly the same, irrespective of the way the exam is held.

Overview of topics

Week Topic
5 WordNet, Entity linking
6 XML, Knowledge discovery from the web
7 Information Extraction, Yago
8 Exam

Week by week course plan

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


Material for exam week 8

Structure of the exam

How and when to hand in the assignments

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